Proton Ride & Handling




PROTON R&H begins with structural and body rigidity which is the most important pre-requisite to a vehicle’s superior handling and agility, to correct misconceptions that excellent control does not need to come with an expensive price tag.


Reinforced Safety Structure™
for car rigidity & efficiency


Smart Info Display™
for your comfort & pleasure


ANCAP™ Tested & Proven
For your protection & wellbeing

Designed to be Friendly

The multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) has a powerful turbocharged engine that allows a performance equal to that of a much larger engine. The new Exora comes with a sporty styling, cool new features, light finishing, wheel design and gadgets packed fun.

Packed with Goodies

It’s a word that means proof. A name that embodies an ultimate driving experience. Let the car be the proof as we know you will settle for nothing less. Everything that was put behind the Prevé, is made to inspire and aspire to.

.. And Affordable.

It’s so easy, stylish and packed with driver-friendly and safety features. Keep up the cool in this new compact spacious sedan with affordable pricing, fuel saving and maintenance. It’s a car that shows off so much for so little.

Drive it
to believe it!

Every Proton has a unique edge and a significant feel to it. Proton gave each car a character that cannot be put into words - You better try it for yourself!



For Money

The roaring tiger is our symbol

passionate and courageous at heart, growing with strength and commitment