Introducing the latest addition to our family: the new Proton Persona. Featuring pure power, breathtaking performance, an always-accommodating use of space, and many more innovative extras - it's a car you are bound to take pleasure in driving. And take pride in owning.

Discover an all-new elegance. Boasting a bold and distinctive design, the Persona has more than its fair share of admiring glances. But beauty is beyond skin deep. with an exquisite interior that offers a luxurious feel and look, the Persona knows how to get your heart racing.

Designed for utmost comfort and convenience, the Persona ensures an enjoyable driving experience. Get inside and let the adjustable car seats and seatbelts adapt to your preferred position. With other innovative highlights that include electric side mirrors and a trunk remote opening feature, the Persona keeps things as easy as ABC.

Safety comes first. Equipped with Dual Airbags, ABS, EBD and the new Auto-lock system, the Persona never compromises your wellbeing. After all, it's only natural to protect the ones you love. So rest assured that wherever you travel, you're very, very secure.

There's always room for the entire family. discover a grand new feeling of space in the Persona. With a bigger-than-big boot to accommodate everything, plus other extras to help maximize the cabin area, extra-large is now extra-lovable.

Courtesy of its Lotus driving dynamics, the Persona offers a ride that's nothing less than astounding. Gifted with intuitive steering and ultimate agility, feel free to conquer any road.

Running late? Why worry? The Persona will get you ther - fast. With a powerful 16-valve DOHC CAMPRO engine, that has been improved in optimizing gear selection.