Finance & Insurance


How do I finance my Proton?

PROTON Finance is a division of Ezz Elarab Finance Program. This gives our customers a variety of vehicle finance options to choose from as well as the added benefits of fast, efficient service.

7 easy steps to finance your Proton vehicle

  1. Calculate: Calculate what you can afford, including insurance!
  2. Find a car: Contact your nearest Ezz Elarab show room about the car you are looking for.
  3. Finance options: Speak to the Finance & Insurance manager about the Proton finance offering.
  4. Finance applications: Ask for the Proton Finance application form and the Finance & Insurance manager will help you process it.
  5. Arrange insurance: Ask for insurance quotation and the Finance & Insurance manager will assist  you.
  6. Sign a contract: After your finance is approved, you can sign the Finance contract.
  7. Drive away with your Proton: Now it’s all yours to enjoy!

What will I get from Ezz Elarab insurance plans?

Not only is insurance mandatory when you buy a new vehicle, it’s also your assurance that you’re covered in the event of an accident.

  • Very reasonable prices: We offer automotive insurance plans at very reasonable prices - without compromising on the quality of the cover.
  • Comprehensive car insurance: Your new car will be covered for accidental damage, theft, injury and damage to third party properties.

Your vehicle will be covered at affordable and flexible insurance rates for almost every situation.
Our services are geared to getting you back on the road.
Get the right information for the right cover.
We’re here to help you get the right information you need to make informed decisions on buying comprehensive vehicle insurance.