With the new Gen·2, you'll never be left behind. The new CAMPRO engine promises a more sporty and aggressive drive, delivering a power and torque output that leads in its class. In fact, the 1.6 litre 16-valve CAMPRO engine with Double Overhead-Camshaft produces 110 bhp, rivalling some engines of higher capacity. However, the CAMPRO is not about power alone. It generates less vibration for added comfort and smoother drivability wherever you go.

When you're behind the wheel of a Gen·2, you're experiencing the best ride and handling in its class. Its distinctive control comes from precise and progreesive steering response. This gives you more confidence in taking difficult corners and changing lanes. If that's not enough for you, harshness and noise are also reduced, so prepare yourself for smoother journeys.

The Gen·2 is built with a unique 3-level safety system. The first level is ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution)*. This ensures maximum stability and braking performance whenever you're on wet roads. Second, are the dual SRS airbags* enhanced with pre-tensioner seat belts throughout to reduce the risk of severe injury. And lastly, Gen·2 is clad in a superior hull with increased body rigidity. In fact, it exceeds European safety regulations,making journeys for you, friends and family safer and sounder.

Wherever you go, you'll always look fabulous in a Gen·2. It has a unique design unlike andy other proton. It's chic, sporty and stylish. The Gen·2 is as breathtaking inside as it is outside. The Lotus Design Studio from the UK adopts a minimalist design concept with aluminium-style highlights that'll go well with your stylish wardrobe.