Meet the Proton SAGA. It is made for your every journey. Elegant design, fuel-saving next-generation engine, and many more innovative features make it the best in its class. Like the very first edition, the SAGA is built for the people.

The SAGA is a prime example of great design with careful restraint - resulting in a minimalist look that's sleek and beautiful to everyone's eye. The interior implements the same principles. Every dial and button on the all-new dashboard is intuitively designed, with simplicity in mind. So let your personality shine.

Designed to fulfill international crash safety standards, the SAGA's strong, reinforced chassis and body structure plus driver's airbag will always be there to protect you and your loved ones.

With a longer and wider body plus extended overall length, the SAGA is the perfect companion for your every roadtrip. It all adds up to offering you the best cabin space in its class, not to mention a grand boot capacity of 413-litre. With so much space available, handy storage compartments like CD holder, door pockets, glovebox, floor compartment (and more) will gel you organised.

The CamPro 1.3 is enhanced with a new air intake management system - the Integrated Air Fuel Module (IAFM) technology. It helps the engine "breathe" better to offer you the best of both worlds - greater fuel efficiency at low speeds and better performance at high speeds. Be it a short one to the shops or a cross-state roadtrip, every drive will be one you'll en]oy.

The SAGA's cabin is designed lo be quieter and smoother. So you can enjoy the music better, be it Siti, Justin T. or your kids' singing to the latest high school musicals. When you're behind the wheel, the real performance begins.

Introducing the latest addition to our family: the new Proton Persona. Featuring pure power, breathtaking performance, an always-accommodating use of space, and many more innovative extras - it's a car you are bound to take pleasure in driving. And take pride in owning.

Discover an all-new elegance. Boasting a bold and distinctive design, the Persona has more than its fair share of admiring glances. But beauty is beyond skin deep. with an exquisite interior that offers a luxurious feel and look, the Persona knows how to get your heart racing.

Designed for utmost comfort and convenience, the Persona ensures an enjoyable driving experience. Get inside and let the adjustable car seats and seatbelts adapt to your preferred position. With other innovative highlights that include electric side mirrors and a trunk remote opening feature, the Persona keeps things as easy as ABC.

Safety comes first. Equipped with Dual Airbags, ABS, EBD and the new Auto-lock system, the Persona never compromises your wellbeing. After all, it's only natural to protect the ones you love. So rest assured that wherever you travel, you're very, very secure.

There's always room for the entire family. discover a grand new feeling of space in the Persona. With a bigger-than-big boot to accommodate everything, plus other extras to help maximize the cabin area, extra-large is now extra-lovable.

Courtesy of its Lotus driving dynamics, the Persona offers a ride that's nothing less than astounding. Gifted with intuitive steering and ultimate agility, feel free to conquer any road.

Running late? Why worry? The Persona will get you ther - fast. With a powerful 16-valve DOHC CAMPRO engine, that has been improved in optimizing gear selection.

With the new Gen·2, you'll never be left behind. The new CAMPRO engine promises a more sporty and aggressive drive, delivering a power and torque output that leads in its class. In fact, the 1.6 litre 16-valve CAMPRO engine with Double Overhead-Camshaft produces 110 bhp, rivalling some engines of higher capacity. However, the CAMPRO is not about power alone. It generates less vibration for added comfort and smoother drivability wherever you go.

When you're behind the wheel of a Gen·2, you're experiencing the best ride and handling in its class. Its distinctive control comes from precise and progreesive steering response. This gives you more confidence in taking difficult corners and changing lanes. If that's not enough for you, harshness and noise are also reduced, so prepare yourself for smoother journeys.

The Gen·2 is built with a unique 3-level safety system. The first level is ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution)*. This ensures maximum stability and braking performance whenever you're on wet roads. Second, are the dual SRS airbags* enhanced with pre-tensioner seat belts throughout to reduce the risk of severe injury. And lastly, Gen·2 is clad in a superior hull with increased body rigidity. In fact, it exceeds European safety regulations,making journeys for you, friends and family safer and sounder.

Wherever you go, you'll always look fabulous in a Gen·2. It has a unique design unlike andy other proton. It's chic, sporty and stylish. The Gen·2 is as breathtaking inside as it is outside. The Lotus Design Studio from the UK adopts a minimalist design concept with aluminium-style highlights that'll go well with your stylish wardrobe.

GEN-2 1.6L
  • CamPro 16V engine
  • Lotus-engineered precision handling
  • Manual / Automatic
  • CamPro 16V engine
  • Economical fuel consumption
  • Manual / Automatic
  • CamPro 16V engine
  • 1.6 litre - 110 Hp Saloon
  • Base / Luxury Package
  • Manual / Automatic